Faithfully (Unanswered)

Faithfully I keep the vows
I never made,
chastening a love I know
yet understand not
in the flame of its integrity
– waiting for devotion doubt denies me.
So few words would despatch misapprehension,
end this love’s charade,
or blow despair upon the wings of a kinder truth.

But tide and time have marked another day
and still no word
– not one –
consoles me.
My mind spins in its circles,
weaving reason out of darkness,
filling the silence with dreams and sighs and promises
beyond regret:
how long before it weaves my love a shroud
and the one I needed fades
like the last strains of a finale ….

Tomorrow may bring my consolation
or find me waiting still
– impaled upon a desire
that cannot cede
but wears its agony like a crown of thorns.
Renewed and selfless adoration
in this modern age?



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