my love
I have released us
from the terrors of:
easy as weeping and cooler than I promised
repaired this heart
          her torn and hungry places
with a handful of prayers and a little fear
          Only once in a darklynightful
          while   wearing the indulgence of alone
          and lukewarm in my ocean of secure
          relive the times I knew you
          knew me
          suffocate in the firsttime and the last time (and
          the hundredandwonderfullyone times in between) ever I
          held you   choke blindly on your kisses
The patches barely show

A voice I recognise dies screaming
but I regret the months confused the
rhymes you (were they all ?uneasingly) inspired
because I never wanted to confuse you
thought you (more than had to)
understand ?then wonder I could not forgive
THAT easily

Forgave not loving me (words too wonderful
and welcome a trap for the poorest poet not to
in a sigh forgive you all of them) but not believing
was different

Yet do not regret loving you
and only carefully as autumn undresses roses
did I learn to unlove your
gently leaving. Nor cheapen
our fire&waterdusk&dawning moments
with the lie I ever sought forever in your eyes
or promises in touching you

Only dreams (,my love are different
though we try like there’s no tomorrow
bre     ak


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