One particular kind of lottery ticket

“She gave him a look like you might give a dog that had just told you it was a good day to spend all your money on one particular kind of lottery ticket.”

– William Gibson, Virtual Light



  1. ~lara Said:

    Gibson is just fantastic with his phrasing. I love this one.

  2. merrill Said:

    i know! isn’t it just, like, “WHAT???? WHY??? …. HOW!!!!”
    something like that, it just LEAPS out off the page (o to be able to write like him!)

  3. merrill Said:

    struggling a little at the moment with Count Zero – first read for me – but i’ll persevere

  4. Frodo lass Said:

    My dad asked me for two bucks because apparently if I give him lotto money (in addition to his own lotto money), it’d be “lucky”. Uh-huh, right dad. I told him that he should just work hard and to try not to believe that winning 14 bajillion dollars will bring happiness. Sigh, why do I always have to be the adult?!

  5. ooh, yo no fumo y no sabia que habia un dia del no fumar jajaja Click

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