lose yourself (yo)

~lara and i have talked a bit further about this essential thing elsewhere (thanx for the comment!) but i’m not sure i/we have got to the bottom of what i meant about ESSENTIAL / NECESSARY … so it’s time for another stab at it.

sometimes you can be doing the most mudane, chore-ful task only you are completely IN the moment and there is a touch of the sublime about it. because at that moment you are TOTALLY at one with what is happening. you and the task are one. are of the same ESSENCE. are ESSENTIAL.

it can be doing the washing up. walking home. meditating. breathing. rare moments but THAT is what (i think) i was trying to get at. THAT is ART 2.



  1. merrill Said:

    just realised the title of this doesn’t really fit cos i was going to say how i was listening to eminem & he was on about losing yourself in the music the moment you own it …. and i thought yes that’s it

    only then i didn’t

    who’d a thought it

  2. Frodo lass Said:

    Hi! i followed you over here from lara’s blog., hope you don’t mind! If you do, let me know and I’ll be outta here faster than ringwraiths on coffee.

    The title makes sense to me :). The song’s theme does fit what you’re trying to get across. Good luck to you and lara on finding an answer to this VERY interesting topic. I can only read both your thoughts on the subject because my brain is refusing to work right now.

  3. merrill Said:

    Frodo lass – you are MOST welcome!

  4. ~lara Said:

    Ahhh, I see. So, good ART transports us to that sense of fully experiencing the NOW, the I AM HERE moment. Yes, yes I can see this. I think that good ART has a powerful connection, a powerful energy of being at one with the moment. I think artists of all types feel this when they are really creating; when they are in the ‘flow’ of their work.

    I think the title is fine. :) But isn’t he right? Maybe not the word “own” as in possess, but as in “identify” or “resonate?” As soon as you achieve a resonance with the music you can completely lose yourself in it; give yourself over to the now-ness of every note. Hehe, am I babbling?

    Hey Frodo-lass! I love it that you found your way to this brilliant lad’s blog!

  5. merrill Said:

    Bit of a cross over here as I have just posted this to ~lara’s blog but it could stand here too:

    Idea of our lives as STORY.

    Me and Pam, our meeting, our gettingtogether, always seemed too good a STORY not to want to “read” it …

    Idea of (re)reading our own past as STORY.

    Most obviously in the form of a diary (eg my own since age 14)

    Can reach a stage where you are almost “back inside” the past – not just “I remember that …” but BEING THERE, the smell the taste of it (to me whole phases of my life have particular sensory distinctions)
    This is akin to how it can be when you are CREATING (eg writing fiction). It is/was like that for me with the Gothrim: Stitch, Halt, Malcolm, Devon (ah, Devon!)

    The overlap, then, between NOW/”reality” and PAST/”imagination”
    Similar also to something I have experienced rarely but strongly: the “almost thereness” of an ALTERNATIVE PRESENT.

    Where this happens is the CREATIVE SPACE

    So what is the role of the PRESENT/NOW in all this? Something to be escaped from? No – it is a necessary framework. There seems to need to be some strong degree of EQUIVALENCE/CONTINUITY between NOW and the “Other”.

    This may be a temporal continuity (eg between my NOW and my PAST) or a physical/geographic equivalence (eg between the “real” Tynemouth Priory and the fictional one in my Gothrim tales.

    Important: note that NOW is really myNOW — “my apprehension of NOW” — the result of a creative interplay between me and the world

    ART is what happens in this interplay, this CREATIVE SPACE.


  6. ~lara Said:

    Hoohoo. I responded to it over at my bloggie. Where do you want to discuss? :)

  7. merrill Said:

    “your place or mine?”
    oooh errrr….!

    happy to continue over at yours. for anyone else:

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