came to me the other day, walking by the sea. thinking like you do. about art and stuff. about how LIFE is so ARBITRARY. what to care about. what to believe. but ART is not like that. good art (it came to me like it might even be IMPORTANT) is about creating a SPACE within which the art itself is not only non-arbitrary but ESSENTIAL. like, INSIDE that space the art could not but exist. and it came to me also that maybe it would be neat to actually LIVE like that. in a SPACE where everything we do is ESSENTIAL. and maybe that’s the point of ART – to remind us that it might, just, be POSSIBLE.


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  1. ~lara Said:

    Big thoughts as you were walking on the beach, my dear. We’ve talked about this elsewhere but I keep going back to this idea of Life as Art, artful living. Would it be possible to live as though everything is essential? Would our nature succumb to that? I wonder if part of our human nature isn’t given to randomness – the arbitrary way things seem to happen. Perhaps our limited understanding makes things appear arbitrary that are actually essential …? Hmmm … still thinking …

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