slim poetry

well last evening i spent what must have been 3 hours typing up some of my oldest poetry and wrestling with this wordpress interface to get the stuff up there so ~lara can read it and be amazed at how creative her friend used to be …

now sat in the office on my lunchbreak it’s kinda weird seeing my oldwords in front of my looking all fresh and spruced up (why spruced? why not some other tree ..?)

anyway … i do have to thank lara for inspiring me (again!) with this bloggy stuff. but you know i think i was ready to do this …. last weekend at tynemouth market i picked up three slim poetry books (“what’s slim poetry, precioussssss?”) – e e cummings, adrian henri and brian patten. the books – and most of the poems in them – were new to me but those poets go right to the heart of me. to my writing.

and so, courtesy of cummings, henri, patten and a certain ms sookoo you have this.

don’t blame me



  1. ~lara Said:

    Oh sure, blame me. LOL. I’m so glad you did this! I love coming here and wading around in this rich pool of visions. The way you put words together can be sublime. And it really focuses you when you see your words up like this. I’m not at all amazed at your remarkable creativity, but I do feel very richly rewarded. :)

    *wonders what other mischief she can get Martin up to*

  2. merrill Said:

    im glad too :-)

    i’ll probably end up with all this on a web site of my own (grand designs for some big conglomeration of writing, photographs, time line, personal history, lists of fave places etc etc ….. but this will do fine for now!

    and i LOVE sharing with you ~lara !!!!

    (thank u

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